Explore the REC Alpha Pure Solar Panels

20% more power, lead-free construction, and gapless cell layout.

The latest in solar cell technology

Best looking all-black design, greater electron flow, and no more micro cracks.

At ATX Solar, we understand that an excellent installation is only as good as the product being installed. That’s why we’ve taken the time and consideration to explore everything on offer from the solar industry, and we came to a realization: REC is at the top of its game. 

With REC Alpha Pure solar panels, you get beautifully designed panels with outstanding efficiency, durability, and energy capture. Explore a superior solar panel with REC. 

The new twin-panel design

Award-winning design allows for continued production even when shaded.

REC Alpha panels are designed to create solutions to common solar shortcomings. The new twin-panel design ensures that partial shade on one region of the panel doesn’t result in a loss of energy generation for the entire panel. It’s another way these advanced panels are tailored towards better efficiency. 

Leading the way without the lead

Better for the environment now that lead has been removed from all panel components.

The transition to renewable energy is about doing what is right for our natural environment to build healthier communities for us all. REC is leading the way in this commitment by producing panels that exclude harmful lead components from their manufacturing process. 

More energy, longer

Greater energy production each day, year after year.

With REC Alpha Pure panels, you can make the most of sunlight each day. REC panels are optimized for maximum energy capture throughout the day, delivering the most bang for your buck. 

A system built to last

REC Alpha Pure solar panels stay producing energy for longer over their lifespan.

Enphase Enlighten Monitoring

All of your home's energy in the palm of your hand.

Take control of your energy usage with Enphase Enlighten Monitoring. Keep track of energy generation, trends, and more at a moment’s notice with Enphase’s user-tailored app. 

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